Video Marketing Tips and Strategies from MW Marketing Group

Short, visually-appealing video marketing is becoming a powerful way to reach customers, stand out on social media and deliver product and service information with impact.  Cameras and editing tools have made it easier than ever to create videos at reduced costs, but it’s still important to prepare a video marketing strategy to support your brand and maximize your reach.

The following are some basic tips to begin a successful video marketing strategy:

Tip #1:  Length matters
10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention … by 2 minutes, 60% of users click away.

Tip #2:  You’re targeting people, not businesses

Customers want to make a emotional connection. Video marketing has the ability to add a personalized human element.

Tip #3:  Make your video social
Don’t neglect social media. Make it easy for users to find and share your video. Don’t neglect mobile either.

Tip #4:  Tell a big story
Create a theme bigger than your company. Remember, the most effective marketing strategies solve customer problems.

Tip #5:  Call to action

Share your video. Visit your website. Call your office. What should viewers do after watching your video? Don’t forget to include a call to action … and be ready to respond.

Next Steps
Want more video marketing tips and strategies? Contact MW Marketing Group to discuss your next video marketing program.

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