Marketing Planning and Project Implementation

Marketing Planning and Project Implementation from MW Marketing Group

By the seat of your pants, or planned marketing initiatives?  Find new customers, or keep current customers?  Repeat what we did last year, or write a new chapter?

The following tips are a good place to start:

Tip #1:  Strategy drives programs and budgets
Define clear objectives, and implement programs and support initiatives to reach those objectives.  With goals in place, the marketing budget will be accountable.

Tip #2:  Create and follow an outline
You don’t need a 10-page marketing plan overflowing with fluff.  Start with a outline of marketing activities.  Then fine-tune those activities that reach the greatest cluster of targeted customers and prospects.

Tip #3:  Action-oriented marketing
The marketing goal should always focus on converting information seekers into ACTION-TAKERS.  What action do we want, and how easy is it for customers and prospects to take that action.

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