Marketing Planning and Project Implementation

By the seat of your pants, or planned marketing initiatives?  Find new customers, or keep current customers?  Repeat what we did last year, or write a new chapter?

The following tips are a good place to start:

Tip #1:  Strategy drives programs and budgets
Define clear objectives, and implement programs and support initiatives to reach those objectives.  With goals in place, the marketing budget will be accountable.

Tip #2:  Create and follow an outline
You don’t need a 10-page marketing plan overflowing with fluff.  Start with a outline of marketing activities.  Then fine-tune those activities that reach the greatest cluster of targeted customers and prospects.

Tip #3:  Action-oriented marketing
The marketing goal should always focus on converting information seekers into ACTION-TAKERS.  What action do we want, and how easy is it for customers and prospects to take that action.

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